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A kitchen project can seem like an overwhelming one: “Where do I begin?” “How much will it cost?” “Who do I talk to?” Creative Kitchens thrives on personal interaction with each client, and our goal is to make the kitchen project not only a smooth one, but an enjoyable one as well. Whether you are beginning a kitchen remodel or planning a kitchen for your new home we are equipped with the design talent, the latest products and the services to implement all aspects of the project. We design and install your kitchen as a team.

First and foremost we encourage everyone to visit our showroom for a more complete tasting of what we have to offer, who we are and how we work. Should you choose to bring us your own kitchen layout we may also be able to discuss a budget at the same meeting. Or, after talking with us, you might choose to start our design process. The initial step is a visit to your home and a personal interview that allows us to get a feel for what you are expecting in your new space. Getting to know your decorating tastes, preferred cooking methods and family backgrounds is all essential in designing a personalized kitchen. You may not think that being left or right-handed may have an impact on how we layout a kitchen floor plan, but it does. Are you the main cook? What do you usually prepare? Do you entertain? Do you have a large family? Our primary goal is to provide a functional floor plan for you, which may require us to show you more than just one layout. Through a series of meetings we present and revise plans, drawings, materials and pricing, eventually arriving at the design that best fits your lifestyle and your home.

Please contact us to get started.