CK2, What’s The Hype?

Upon navigating to our website today you noticed a “CK2” page. If you haven’t already visited please take a look…you can find a link to CK2 on our page…

This is something that has been in the works for acouple years now. Headed by myself, Kevin Calver Jr, CK2 aims to take on today’s tough economic times head on. Who says you cannot get the kitchen of your dreams while being cost conscience? Popular TV channels like HGTV have been driving the point home of this new “design on a dime” idea. At first it seemed to have a “cheap” and concerning sound to it. Actually, something that we at Creative Kitchens have criticized.  But is it true? Is this the new trend? Can you actually obtain a masterful kitchen or bath while still utilizing high quality materials? My answer to all that is yes. Our CK2 page will be launched in the near future but you can visit our showroom now to see two new CK2 fully functional displays.

Please keep checking in for when our CK2 website is ready!

Kevin Jr.